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"Wet hiring with One Services QLD, Hervey Bay ensures that the equipment is being operated by an experienced and trained operator who knows how to operate machinery safely and efficiently.

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One Services QLD is your Hervey Bay local specialist for Earthworks, Excavation and Truck Wet Hire Services.

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Wet Hire Hervey Bay

All of our plant and machinery is brand new and we offer wet hire services in the Wide Bay. We do not offer dry hire.

“Wet hiring” in the context of earth work equipment refers to the practice of renting heavy machinery and equipment along with an experienced operator and fuel. If you are in Hervey Bay and you need to complete earth-moving tasks, such as excavation, grading, or hauling, One Services QLD is your one stop shop also providing a trained operator to operate the equipment and fuel to power it.

Wet hiring is often preferred by those who do not have experience operating heavy equipment themselves, as it ensures that the machinery is being used safely and efficiently. It is also be a cost-effective option, as One Services QLD is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment.