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Meet Mark Goulding – Experienced Reliable Operator

    Mark Goulding is an experienced and ticketed excavator and bobcat operator with 32 years of industry experience, including 18 years in the Hervey Bay area. He specializes in digging ditches, sewer and stormwater trenches, and holes of all sizes. Mark has worked on residential and commercial properties, handling projects such as tree planting, swimming pool excavation, slab preparation, land clearing, turf preparation, backfilling, and retaining walls. He is known for making landscaping and commercial project dreams come true. Mark is One Services QLD, he is a master operator offering Earthworks, Excavation, and Truck Wet Hire Services in Hervey Bay.

    Why wet hire?

    At One Services QLD, we offer wet hire of our equipment that provides several advantages for your business. Firstly, our wet hire operator, Mark, is insured to use the machines, reducing liability for your business. You also benefit from Mark’s expertise and training, ensuring efficient and safe equipment use. Mark is accustomed to working as part of a team, enhancing coordination and productivity on-site.

    Additionally, wet hire saves you time and resources since Mark’s skills are provided in the hire of the equipment. Our wet hire service provides a complete package, including both the machinery and an operator, ensuring efficient operation. This comprehensive service is convenient as you don’t have to manage the machinery or operator separately. Furthermore, Mark brings valuable industry knowledge and skills to the job. While the initial cost may appear higher than dry hire, the overall efficiency and productivity often make wet hire more cost-effective in the long run.

    If you’re looking for someone to make your landscaping and commercial project dreams come true, call Mark today!
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